31st Birthday Recap


I don't know if it will be possible to top 31. This has been a very trying year personally, but I truly believe that you have to go through some bad stuff to get to the good stuff - otherwise, you're stuck in the same place forever.  And even though change is hard and scary, being comfortable never wins any awards.

He knows me well...

Not only did my husband go out of his way to make this birthday special, but we worked in time to pause and soak up each experience.  This included a trip to NYC, drinking really good coffee in beautiful parks, and two amazing concerts from my favorite band, Hanson (yes, as in Mmmbop...they've put out 5 studio albums since then and they are incredible!).

12-hour makeup.

For my makeup, I went with the exact eye makeup from Monika Blunder's Kate Moss tutorial.  As you can see from the (poor quality...sorry) photo, my under-eye bags let you know it's late - but thankfully I've learned some tips for making foundation look great 12+ hours (a video will be out soon).

Being in my favorite place, with my favorite person, eating my favorite foods, during my favorite time of year, and listening to my favorite band play my favorite songs added up to be a completely epic experience.  I'm looking forward to 31.


Friday Flash - Episode 1


Welcome to our first Friday Flash!  This will be a little something fun, very unstructured, and a way to usher in the weekend.  Also, we had two very special guests join us, Clark and Kent Beagle - if you'd like to follow their (mostly lazy) antics, please check them out on Instagram: @thesuperbeagles. Here's the Friday Flash, and the products I used are listed below:

Happy weekend!

Face (not filmed):

Murad Invisblur SPF 30 primer

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 6.5


Base - Urban Decay Foxy

Outside corner/bottom lash line - Brown Script, crease - Soft Brown, lid - Amber Lights, corners - Corduroy, all MAC

Liner - top, Smolder, bottom, Coffee, both MAC

Mascaras - Illegal Length and Falsies, both in Blackest Black and by Maybelline


Urban Decay Faint eye shadow, MAC clear brow gel


Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in 07 and Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer in 3


Bobbi Brown in Medium


NARS Orgasm


Jaclyn Hill x Becca Champagne Pop

Nose Contour:

Urban Decay Faint eye shadow


Hourglass nude lip pencils in 3, MAC Subculture liner, Charlotte Tilbury gloss in Blondie


Spray - Urban Decay All Nighter, Powder - Laura Mercier Brightening



Mad Props


If you don't know about Kandee Johnson, you should.  Even if you're not into her incredible impersonations and cream foundations, you can still learn so much from her.  And she's really perky, so I tend to watch her videos while I'm on the elliptical for an energy boost. I recently watched THIS video where she shows how to do skin makeup - meaning everything but eyes, brows, lashes, and lips.  It's almost 20 minutes, but she goes through everything step-by-step using drug store AND high end versions of each product.

Normally I only do this many layers of makeup for brides or special events, so I'll work on and post a fast(er) version of great skin in the weeks to come.  She makes a great point: even the best smokey eye or crazy lip color won't look as good if there are several skin imperfections.  If you focus and spend time on skin, then a little brow gel, mascara, and a swipe of gloss goes much, much farther.

Also, I apologize, I accidentally erased several photos from this website.  I'll go back and add as many as I can, but I just wanted you to know that I know, and I'm sorry, and I'm on it!


{Photo courtesy of via Google Images}

Wayne Goss


One thing that the best makeup artists have in common is that they tell you all of their secrets.  And they're happy to do it.  I think many people keep knowledge to themselves in fear that someone will upstage them, but the best artists know that what you send out you usually receive tenfold.  Think: Kevyn Aucoin. Enter Wayne Goss.  He's a brilliant makeup artist who plays by his own rules and makes makeup approachable.  I found his YouTube channel some time ago, and he never ceases to provide excellent content.  Please check out both of his channels, GossMakeupArtist and GossMakeupChat, for a real education.

Here are my top three favorite videos:

1. Celebrity Makeup Tips

2. Smokey Eye for Hooded Lids

3. Makeup Mistakes



Photo Credit: Google Images


Valentine's Eyes and Cheeks

There are so many great examples of Valentine's makeup, but since many of my favorites seem to focus on pink or red lips, I created a couple of looks that highlight the eyes and cheeks. Whether you're going out for a romantic date or, like me, having a movie marathon with family, pizza, champagne, and cupcakes, both looks are quite wearable (aka no fake lashes) and require little makeup elsewhere.

The first look is inspired by Cara D. (tan and perfect bone structure optional, clearly):


1: Primer, tinted moisturizer, concealer where necessary

2: Set face and eyelids with powder

3: Apply a dark shade of shadow underneath lower lash line and in crease (MAC Embark)

4: Tap a slightly lighter shadow in the same color family onto lid (MAC Folie); using a windshield-wiper motion, blend both shadows together with a clean brush, then line eyes

5: Mascara, fill in/set brows, and add a little bronzer to cheek hollows and perimeter of face

6: Add a little concealer to lips, then lightly line with a neutral pencil so they don't disappear

This second look is freakishly easy, but it made my husband do a double-take since I rarely wear blush (visit this post for ideas on what colors look best and where exactly to put said blush):


1: Primer and foundation/tinted moisturizer/whatever you use; set face and lids with powder

2: Add a bit of bronzer or light brown shadow to eye crease; line eyes

3. Brows, mascara, and a neutral lip (or concealer trick mentioned above)

4: Tap on tons of bright blush that works with your skin tone.  NYX Cosmetics offers several wonderful options at great prices!

Happy Valentine's Day to you!