31st Birthday Recap


I don't know if it will be possible to top 31. This has been a very trying year personally, but I truly believe that you have to go through some bad stuff to get to the good stuff - otherwise, you're stuck in the same place forever.  And even though change is hard and scary, being comfortable never wins any awards.

He knows me well...

Not only did my husband go out of his way to make this birthday special, but we worked in time to pause and soak up each experience.  This included a trip to NYC, drinking really good coffee in beautiful parks, and two amazing concerts from my favorite band, Hanson (yes, as in Mmmbop...they've put out 5 studio albums since then and they are incredible!).

12-hour makeup.

For my makeup, I went with the exact eye makeup from Monika Blunder's Kate Moss tutorial.  As you can see from the (poor quality...sorry) photo, my under-eye bags let you know it's late - but thankfully I've learned some tips for making foundation look great 12+ hours (a video will be out soon).

Being in my favorite place, with my favorite person, eating my favorite foods, during my favorite time of year, and listening to my favorite band play my favorite songs added up to be a completely epic experience.  I'm looking forward to 31.