Wayne Goss


One thing that the best makeup artists have in common is that they tell you all of their secrets.  And they're happy to do it.  I think many people keep knowledge to themselves in fear that someone will upstage them, but the best artists know that what you send out you usually receive tenfold.  Think: Kevyn Aucoin. Enter Wayne Goss.  He's a brilliant makeup artist who plays by his own rules and makes makeup approachable.  I found his YouTube channel some time ago, and he never ceases to provide excellent content.  Please check out both of his channels, GossMakeupArtist and GossMakeupChat, for a real education.

Here are my top three favorite videos:

1. Celebrity Makeup Tips

2. Smokey Eye for Hooded Lids

3. Makeup Mistakes



Photo Credit: Google Images