Mad Props


If you don't know about Kandee Johnson, you should.  Even if you're not into her incredible impersonations and cream foundations, you can still learn so much from her.  And she's really perky, so I tend to watch her videos while I'm on the elliptical for an energy boost. I recently watched THIS video where she shows how to do skin makeup - meaning everything but eyes, brows, lashes, and lips.  It's almost 20 minutes, but she goes through everything step-by-step using drug store AND high end versions of each product.

Normally I only do this many layers of makeup for brides or special events, so I'll work on and post a fast(er) version of great skin in the weeks to come.  She makes a great point: even the best smokey eye or crazy lip color won't look as good if there are several skin imperfections.  If you focus and spend time on skin, then a little brow gel, mascara, and a swipe of gloss goes much, much farther.

Also, I apologize, I accidentally erased several photos from this website.  I'll go back and add as many as I can, but I just wanted you to know that I know, and I'm sorry, and I'm on it!


{Photo courtesy of via Google Images}