As a makeup artist, I’ve painted hundreds of faces. Now I want to teach you how to be your own makeup artist.


After 10 years of working with clients for their most special occasions, I realized that what these lovely humans really wanted was to recreate how they felt after having their makeup applied by a professional. But they didn't know basic makeup techniques.

So, as I began to teach how to apply eyeliner and how to cover dark under eye circles (all on a budget), another realization occurred: truly, beauty happens far below the skin. 

Electra Lane is a place where I give you the tools and experience gained over years of doing makeup so you can get that "girl walks into a room and everyone stares" feeling every day. 

However, while you will learn to Be Your Own Makeup Artist, killer cheekbones will only make you happy until you wash off the contour. So, we'll explore ways to not only have a beautiful face but also a beautiful body from the inside-out and, most importantly, a beautiful life

By the way, hello, my name is Jessica, it's a pleasure to meet you! I'm a wife to Adam, caretaker to Clark and Kent (@TheSuperBeagles), and a marketing professional with a degree in psychology and a Master's in strategic public relations. I've applied makeup from a very young age through dance, theater and pageants, but became a professional makeup artist in 2007 doing wedding and beauty makeup. I've also spent time selling luxury skincare and at a makeup counter. 

My favorite band is Hanson (yes, as in MMMBop, but they've never stopped making music!), and my drink of choice is champagne. I love to bake, specifically my Grandmother-Approved Chocolate Chip Cookies, to read, to be outside, to travel, and most of all spend time with my husband and pups. 

Thank you for stopping by Electra Lane.