Babes In Arms


Since this Sunday is Mother's Day, I wanted to do a special post just for the baby mamas.  I'm not a mom, but many of my friends are, and I feel like moms, specifically of young children, are highly underrepresented on the YouTube makeup tutorial scene. Moms I've spoken with say they simply do not have time to do makeup that has 87 steps using 53 tools and $350 worth of makeup.  But you do deserve to feel pretty, even if covered in various bodily fluids, so I want to show you a look that can practically be performed one-handed.

image (5)

It's not a drastic transformation, but it's a little warmed up and brighter than a bare face.  Products used include a tinted moisturizer, concealer, brow pencil, bronzer stick (or blush if you prefer), shadow stick, mascara, lip gloss, and setting spray.  Click HERE for the video, and have a wonderful Mother's Day!

P.S. Since I don't have kids and my street cred might be in question, please check out Cara of Maskcara - she has a five-ish year old and a baby, and this recent post is awesome.