How to Attain Lazy Perfection Every Day


Last week, I loved on a wonderful, new book called Lazy Perfection, a comprehensive beauty guide for normal people. I showed you what was in my Lazy Perfection makeup kit, and this week I'd like to walk you through how I utilize those products. Before watching my current version of the five-minute face, please keep a couple of things in mind: this is my five-minute face. If you don't like something about it, don't do it! This is, simply, my version of daily Lazy Perfection, and hopefully you can draw on it to create your own.

In Conclusion...

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Finger Painting


The other day I was running out the door when I realized that, after their monthly bath, none of my brushes were dry. So I used the original makeup brushes, my fingers.  Disclaimer: like many of my posts, this was unplanned, which means I was literally in a rush to get out the door (hence the curlers) and I was literally applying my makeup in my bedroom while trying to snap photos with my iPhone (hence the really poor quality).  We're all about keepin' in real real here at Electra Lane. While this isn’t enough color for me for The Work Appropriate, it would work for those who want a clean, low-maintenance everyday routine (it’s my perfect Minimalist).  I started by smoothing on tinted moisturizer (Glow), then I added a little cream blush (Anguilla) and blended upward


I took a liquid concealer darker than my skin (Amande) and dotted it on the sides of my nose and under my cheekbones, then blended back and up into the blush



Next, I took that same concealer, but in a shade lighter than my skin (Vanilla), and patted it under my eyes, around my nose and mouth, and in the center of my forehead and down the center of my nose.



This is where we are so far:


For my eyes, I added a thick line of warm brown eyeliner (Costa Riche) to the top lash line and just the outer corners of the bottom lash line and smudged gently with my ring finger



I filled in (Taupe) and set (Clear) my eye brows


Then added a brightener just to the inner corners of my eyes


Next, I curled my lashes and applied mascara (Blackest Black)


And added a little gloss (Bellini)


Finally, to set everything, I used a few spritzes of setting spray


Refinery29 wrote an article about no-brush makeup, and a new line, called Nudestix, has capitalized on the technique, so that might be a great option for those who want an ever quicker and easier routine. HRH Wayne Goss does a lovely demo and review of that line here.



Five-Product Challenge

Folks ask for my top five makeup products…but I rarely have an answer because I’ve been known to use around 20 different products (tools not included). For a challenge, I tried a makeup look (I actually liked) with only five makeup products.  It was fine, but since I couldn’t use anything to set my makeup, this look won’t last all day.  If you want to be a naughty rule-breaker and add powder and/or setting spray, this would be a perfect Minimalist or Work Appropriate.

Here’s the breakdown:

I applied tinted foundation with an SPF using my fingers and dabbed concealer around my eyes and nose, then blended cream blush onto my cheeks and lips.  Next, I used a dark brown eyeliner to my lash line and smudged, then used the same pencil to fill in my brows.  I really wanted my bronzer to contour, but I remembered a technique from this video (@ 5:50); so I used my liner instead.  I dotted a little liner down the sides of my nose and smudged using the same brush used on my eyes – then I used the residue on the brush to draw around my cheek bones and jawline.  Finally, I curled my lashes and added mascara.