Five-Product Challenge

Folks ask for my top five makeup products…but I rarely have an answer because I’ve been known to use around 20 different products (tools not included). For a challenge, I tried a makeup look (I actually liked) with only five makeup products.  It was fine, but since I couldn’t use anything to set my makeup, this look won’t last all day.  If you want to be a naughty rule-breaker and add powder and/or setting spray, this would be a perfect Minimalist or Work Appropriate.

Here’s the breakdown:

I applied tinted foundation with an SPF using my fingers and dabbed concealer around my eyes and nose, then blended cream blush onto my cheeks and lips.  Next, I used a dark brown eyeliner to my lash line and smudged, then used the same pencil to fill in my brows.  I really wanted my bronzer to contour, but I remembered a technique from this video (@ 5:50); so I used my liner instead.  I dotted a little liner down the sides of my nose and smudged using the same brush used on my eyes – then I used the residue on the brush to draw around my cheek bones and jawline.  Finally, I curled my lashes and added mascara.