Hallie's Photo Shoot


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hosting my friend, Hallie, and her uber-talented photographer friend, Jessie in my makeup studio. Jessie was taking family portraits for Hallie, so I wanted to share some tips on how to create a paparazzi-worthy look for your own photo shoot.

Prep the Skin

When taking photos, the makeup is usually heavier than usual, so your skin has to be ready for it.  I've learned over the years that that means skin needs to be hydrated (even if it's oily) to accept setting powder.  I start by applying under-eye masks and a skin type-appropriate primer.  My favorites (because they work on everyone!) are the Klorane Smoothing and Relaxing Patches for eyes, the Glossier Priming Moisturizer for dry-to-normal skin, and Embryolisse Hydra-Mat for normal-to-oily skin (or if it's hot out).

Please pardon the awful lighting, but this hottie is gorgeous before and after makeup.

Structure Over Trends

I can't tell you how many photos of Kim Kardashian I used to get when doing clients' makeup.  As phenomenal as her makeup is, it's created for her bone structure and coloring - in other words, what looks great on her might look awful on me because we look so different.  When it comes to photos, it's important to focus on your individual needs, so the emphasis should be on etching out your features and bone structure.

Color, Color, Color!


This is the blush I used on Hallie - it's Exhibit A by NARS.  I almost always use this, or a bright pink, on all of my photo clients.  Especially when taken outside, the natural light can really wash you out so if you don't have on more color than you think you need, the makeup won't even show up. If you're nervous about using too much, take a selfie in front of a window to see what is and is not showing up.


Here are the un-retouched photos. I mean...wow. You can't tell, but this day was SWELTERING - they made it look like a crisp fall day. And please ignore the fact that I cropped out Hallie's family from these photos, weirdos on the internet don't need to see her kids. If you'd like to discuss how to perfect your own photo makeup, check out the "services" tab and email me: Jessica@ElectraLane.com.

wineryshoot050 wineryshoot061


For more info on these lovely ladies, you can subscribe to Hallie's fantastic blog, Tightrope In Heels, for the best how-to-do-life advice. Reading her blog is like meeting a friend for coffee, so definitely check it out. And you must visit Jessie's website to view her incredible talent. Thanks Hallie and Jessie for letting me share your images!


Images c/o Jessie Preza Photography and Google Images