Every Day Contour

I think everyone wants defined features, but, for every day, not everyone has the time to contour. And since lots of people still seem confused by what contouring is, I'm going to share a little about contouring, then give you two quick ways to rock it. We contour to give the face dimension. Think about it: if you put one color all over your face, i.e. just foundation, your face will look flat. Add some shading, and things become more interesting. Here's a visual:


And, so, we introduce blush and bronzer and contour and highlighting into our makeup routines. So...how and when do I contour on a daily basis?

Create Shadows

For true contour, I use a small brush to precisely and strategically place a grey-ish powder. For every day? I take a big, fluffy brush (this one is my favorite) and sweep bronzer in seven places to create subtle shadows:


  1. Top of forehead
  2. Temples
  3. Nose
  4. Cheeks
  5. Chin and slightly under jawline
  6. Down center of neck
  7. Under collar bones

If this seems confusing, just think about the last time you were in the sun - what parts of your face showed color? (Hint: it's usually the parts that stick out.)

Liquid Smudges

When all else fails, take a little concealer (in a shade a couple darker than your foundation) or a liquid bronzer and finger paint! Because this technique can get a little messy, I usually apply the cream or liquid just under cheek bones.



I contour every day because I love how it makes me look alive and gives my face structure, even if I'm not wearing anything else except brows, mascara and gloss. If you liked these tips, make sure to subscribe so you can learn more, fun makeup tricks - we can also keep in touch on Facebook and Instagram @ElectraLane.