One Palette Three Ways ~ Smokey


It might be hard to believe, but we are down the the last three colors in my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette!  Since we've already done a halo and dramatic eye, let's do a traditional smokey look.

We're using Mugshot as the darkest color, Buzz in the center, and Burnout to blend.  I love to remind my clients that just because you do a smokey eye technique, you can still use soft colors.

Here's the video tutorial with step-by-step directions below:

I started with a little concealer and translucent powder to prep, then started with the darkest color, Mugshot.

Line upper lash line

With a smudger, like this contour brush from e.l.f. cosmetics ($3!), apply your darkest color to the top lash line.


Blend into crease

Take your typical eye shadow brush (MAC 239) and add your mid-tone shade (Buzz) to the lid and up into the crease.

Blend edges with lightest shade

Taking a small blending brush (MAC 221) and your lightest shade (Burnout), blend all the edges so the color disappears into nothing.


Smoke out under eye area

Starting with the smudge brush and a little of your darkest shade, start from the outside corner and work your way in under the lower lash line so the color is darkest on the outer corner.


Then, starting with your blending brush and the lightest shade, work from the inner corner to the outward and blend the two shadows.

Add liner, curl lashes, apply mascara, and voila:




I hope you enjoyed this series and that you finally get full use from those eye shadow palettes.  What else what you like to see?  Reach out @ElectraLane on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat and let me know.

P.S. Please disregard my messy bangs in these photos - I do makeup, not hair. :)