One Palette Three Ways ~ Dramatic


Of all the eye shadow looks, this is my absolute favorite.  Some might save it for a special occasion, but with soft colors like we're using today, you'll see how it is very wearable.  Last week, I showed you the "halo" look, which is just a step up from a basic wash of color.  This week, the "dramatic" look is a take on the basic light-all-over-lid-darker-shade-in-crease look.  There are quite a few steps, but I think you'll discover your own method of this look with time and practice. Here's the video tutorial with the step-by-step instructions below:

Still using the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay, we start with prepping the lids with a little shadow primer or concealer, then a light dusting of powder.

Etch out a crease

Using Limit  apply to the entire area from just above your eyeball up to your brow bone.  Only blend as far out as the tail of your eyebrow.

Add dimension

On a smaller brush, sweep Nooner into the actual crease - where the skin folds when you open your eye - then go back and blend the two shades together with the first brush.

Create an outer corner

Load up a small brush and pat Blackheart onto the outer 1/3 of your lid, then gently blend into outer crease.

Add drama to the lid

With a clean brush, sweep Factory from the inner corner into Blackheart and blend.


Dip your ring finger into Trick and Dust, then tap lightly on the center of your lid.  This will keep the lid from becoming too heavy.


Use your pinky or a small brush to apply Strange just to the inner corners.  Blend any rough edges.

Smudge under eye

With the brush you used for the darkest color, add a little more Blackheart and smudge on the bottom 2/3 of the lash line.  You might need to add a little more of the highlight to the inner corner.




Only three colors left in the palette!  Meet me back here next week to see how to use them and, in the meantime, make sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat @ElectraLane and Lane.