Travel Hacks - Part II


A few weeks ago, I shared some of my beauty packing tips.  Since we were extra tight on space, I picked up a few tricks along the way, so here's a follow up to my previous list.

Pack a collapsible tote


With my skincare and makeup split into two separate bags thanks to airport security standards, it was a bit cumbersome to carry everything to the bathroom we shared with our suite mates.  In the future, I'll keep my Baggu tote handy so I can toss everything in there upon arrival.

Utilize a bag-within-a-bag


When traveling carry-on only, I'll keep a smaller in-flight ready bag inside my clear, TSA-approved liquids bag to slip into the seat pocket in front of me.  The hydrating serum, hand sanitizer, and under-eye masks, all within reach instead of in the overhead compartment, went a long way in keeping me fresh upon arrival.

Do the best you can with what you have


...because it's not about the makeup, it's about the experience!  I applied my makeup en route on a very bumpy road.  My best work? Nope.  But I really don't remember the look because I had such an amazing time on our trip.