Makeup can be (is…) expensive, so I’ve adopted some solutions to use up that last bit of product.


The first one is pretty obvious, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thrown away nearly-empty bottles for no good reason.

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Simply use a spatula – or a long cotton swab – to remove the product all the way at the bottom.  It’s ideal to keep fingers out of jars/bottles to keep from spreading bacteria.

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There is a little plastic ridge at the top of your lip gloss that scrapes the excess product off the wand – which is wonderful until it keeps you from using all of the gloss.  Enter: a safety pin.


By sliding the safety pin into the plastic and popping it out, the wand will not only be able to pull the gloss off of the bottom of the tube, but also the sides.




When your beloved lipstick (pictured: Hue by M.A.C.) has reached the point of no return, do not lose heart.  You have about half of the original amount left:


Use a spatula, toothpick, or something similar to slide out the lipstick inside the plastic base and place in an empty jar.  You can do this with a few different lipsticks to make a new color or add some lip balm to make a gloss.