makeup secrets

The Big Secret


When I crossed over from doing the occasional makeover to studying to be a makeup artist, I was so excited because I thought I would finally get the definitive answers to how to execute a perfect smokey eye or flawless concealer. I was severely disappointed.

Not only did I find out that there wasn’t an exact science to makeup, I learned that literally every makeup application – even on the same person – will be different.  This means that the big secret makeup artists are keeping from every-day makeup wearers is this:


When friends ask me makeup questions, like recommendations for a good red lipstick, my answer is always, “it depends…” because there are so many variables involved.

If you want an in-depth, beyond-the-typical-video-tutorial lesson, know that you’ll probably have to pay for it.  Start by checking around your area for master classes, and there are great options on Skillshare.  Of course *winkwink*, you can always receive a lesson from me through a password-protected Vimeo video that you can review any time you want.  For the ultimate immersion in makeup, the best advice is to work at a makeup counter; you will get thrown into the deep end, but you can’t not receive an unbelievable education in that environment.