How I Do Glam


There are levels of makeup. There's the five-minute I'm-Lucky-To-Get-There-On-Time, every day makeup. Then there's fancy night out/wedding guest/celebration makeup when you want to step it up. Finally, there's special occasion makeup when you usually call on a pro (Like me - Email Jessica@ElectraLane if you're in the DC area or need a lesson via Skype). Since I mostly focus on skincare and basic makeup, I'm going to show you the second type - for when bottles are poppin', selfies are taken, and you want to look GOOD. The good news is you can make a big impact with a few simple changes like swapping foundation for your daily tinted moisturizer and adding some highlight to your face's high points. But there are some other tricks involved, and I'll explain a few now.

Quick disclaimer - this makeup is what works for me, for my skin type, my bone structure, and so on. If you do something I suggest and it doesn't work for you, please DO NOT get frustrated! Hit me up on Instagram (@ElectraLane) and ask a question. Or, better yet (another shameless plug), set up a 30-minute chat session to ask all of your burning makeup questions.

Ok - y'all ready to get glam?

Step 1 - SKIN (part 1)

Prep your skin (here's what I do). If you have time, I highly suggest doing a face mask to further get your skin ready to handle all the goodness you're about to apply. My favorite is the Glamglow Gravitymud mask that makes you look like an alien but then firms and plumps the skin, taking at least 2-3 years off your face.

Next, I add a primer - there are millions it seems - so get something that works for your skin type. I also like to take this opportunity to prime my eyelids with a little concealer and powder. Here's where it gets fun - at this point, I like to skip to my eyes. I know traditional wisdom says start with foundation (because it's the *cough* foundation), but there are lots of benefits to letting makeup set/settle/sink in so I like to skip around.

Step 2 - EYES

Again, a million options here, but I like to do eye shadow/liner/mascara/lashes, but wait to do the brows. THIS is one of my favorite eye looks.

Step 3 - SKIN (part 2)

Now that the primer has soaked in, I do THIS technique to get flawless, long-lasting foundation, and HERE is a tip for perfect blush plus my #1 favorite trick that pulls the whole look together. Also interested in my favorite bag-busting, dark-circle cancelling under-eye concealers? Boom.

Step 4- BROWS + LIPS

I find that somewhere between blending eye shadow and applying foundation, my brows get a lot of junk in them, so that's why I wait to fill them in - which I do with anything from a brow pencil, to a gel liner, to a plain, old eye shadow. Do what you like! Just make sure to comb out all the other makeup particles first (with a spoolie or eyebrow comb). Then, on to lips. I tend to go for a nude gloss that can easily and discreetly be reapplied throughout the night as needed but, if you love a bold lip, you must try THIS trick to keep your lips on all night!


You made it! You've sat through at least 20 minutes of makeup application, so let's make sure it's perfect and it stays on. Take a Q-Tip and use it to gently buff any harsh lines, pick up eye shadow or mascara that's fallen, or fix any bleeding lipstick (which you won't have if you do my trick...just saying). Once everything is in place, spray it with a setting spray (like Urban Decay's All-Nighter) then go have fun!


I absolutely hate to leave the dance floor to check my makeup, but when I do excuse myself to the ladies room, I like to have a few things in my bag in case anything needs a little tweak. Obviously, carry your lipstick or gloss with you. I also like to have a couple Almay Makeup Eraser Sticks on hand to clean up any makeup that's moved, and I definitely suggest keeping some eyelash glue nearby if you're sporting falsies (which you should because they're amazing).

Please tag @ElectraLane so I can see your own Glam Goddess selves, and I'll meet you back here next week!

Five Looks - Go-To Glam


So far we've mastered The Minimalist, The Work Appropriate, The Bright Eye/Bold Lip, and The Smokey Eye/Nude Lip. Our final look is The Go-To Glam.  When it’s time to get dressed up, I want my makeup to look special.  That doesn’t mean, however, that I need to do more work than any of the other looks!  If you notice red carpet makeup, it’s usually not over-the-top so the focus remains on the clothes.  What sets this look apart is that it’s ready for photos, meaning the makeup needs to be a little brighter and slightly more opaque so it shows up, and the best way to test this is to take a bunch of selfies in different lights.  My favorite GTG look is sculpted, with emphasis on the eyes.  Since this look is very individualized, I’m not going to bore you with all the steps here.  What I hope you take away – listen up, brides! – is how intense this makeup comes off in-person as compared to in a photograph.

Every makeup look I do falls under one of these five.  Once you get the hang of which looks you prefer (or all of them...), you will begin to see how swapping in a different eye shadow color or using bronzer instead of blush will give you an endless combination of different looks.  Have fun!


Look5 - 3