Say What?


It all but breaks my heart when I hear someone say, “I love sparkly eye shadow but I’m over 50 so I can’t wear it,” or “Can you still do my makeup if I have {insert race} eyes/skin/features?” or “I feel gorgeous, confident, and powerful in red lipstick but it’s not appropriate for the office.” Somewhere along the way, these lovely people read or heard or were told they couldn’t do something with makeup or something was wrong with their faces and therefore they should only do their makeup a certain way or wear certain colors.  The people who spew all these “rules” are probably a) inept, b) misinformed, c) trying to sell something, or d) all of the above.

Don’t get me wrong – you need the right foundation color, and it is invaluable to know your facial anatomy to make the most of your makeup…


this is makeup.  It is not rocket science.  Obviously, if you work somewhere that doesn’t allow red lipstick, don’t wear it…


keep in mind that some of the most powerful and well-respected women in the world seem to work red lipstick into their dress codes (Condi...Hillary...Arianna...OPRAH...).

There are no rules in makeup.  Some colors and techniques look better than others, but that’s half the fun.  Do. Not. Let. Anyone. Hate. On. Your. Face.  Especially you.