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I realize that as a makeup artist I’m supposed to get jazzed about doing something exciting with makeup for Halloween, and if someone wants me to turn them into a deer (because apparently that’s the big thing this year) I would be more than happy to do so, but I just can’t.  Perhaps I’m a Hallo-wuss.  And if we went to a Halloween ball or major costume party, I feel like the transformation would be worth it.  But, for the times when we’re only catering to little gobblins begging for sugar, I like to keep it simple. Last year, I was cat woman by utilizing a mask, fantastic lashes and a red lip:



This year, my husband and I will be Zach and Kelly from Saved by the Bell, and I’m looking forward to 80’s cheerleader glam.  A simple brown lid (Cork) and cranberry gloss is all I need (except for that sweet original brick phone!).  I'll add a little tease to my bangs, throw in a few "likes" and "totally-s" into my vocabulary, and we're set.


In case you need some legit last-minute inspiration, Cara of Maskcara put together an incredible list of phenomenal Halloween looks.  Enjoy all that candy, and Happy Halloween!