Why Your Makeup Looks So Much Better When a Makeup Artist Does It


There are two reasons makeup looks better when a professional does it, and I will share them with you below. First, though, let's state the obvious: if you do something for years and years, you'll probably be better than most at it. Painting different skin tones and colors and different bone structures for different occasions, along with lots of education, not to mention hard work and passion, makes a good makeup artist. So while makeup artists have an advantage in that regard, these two tips will really up your game.



  1. Only use what you need

There's a myth that you need a ton of makeup to look great. In truth, more makeup can really age you, so a makeup artist secret is only to apply the smallest amount of makeup just where you need it. This is why skincare is so important! Rule of thumb - if you don't need it, don't use it.

Dry skin? Skip powder. Rosy lips? Opt for a sheer gloss instead of liner and lipstick. If you have great skin, just dab a little concealer around your nose, mouth, and the inner corners of your eyes for brightness and forget foundation. Let makeup enhance instead of cover - you'll be surprised with your natural glow.

Here's a video if you want that concealer trick:

2. Take your time

 When I do someone's makeup, she is usually astonished by how long it takes. Really, really good makeup requires application, blending, checking, going back in to add more makeup/fix something, more blending, and repeat again and again until it's where you want it.

Then, there are touch ups.

So, if it's at all possible, give yourself plenty of time and you'll see your makeup IQ rise.


When I first studied to be a makeup artist, I was so excited to learn the secrets behind smokey eyes and flawless skin - so imagine my disappointment when I found out that there was no paint-by-number solution. Take your time, just use what you need, and keep coming back to Electra Lane for more tips and tricks! To make it easier, make sure to subscribe so you never miss a post.