May the Force Be With You (in 2016)


As 2015 comes to a close, I want to leave you with a few tidbits that I've learned over the year.

  1. Speak Up

A lovely friend of mine called, slightly distressed, before her wedding because the makeup artist she hired did a less-than-stellar job during the trial.  Basically, I suggested that, as soon as possible, she tell the makeup artist everything she had just told me - even though it would be awkward.  Good makeup artists want to make you happy so, as long as you don't spring bad news on them last minute, they should be more than happy to make any changes.

This is something I've put into practice in life, too.  I'm the type of person to just let things go unless it's really worth fighting for, but the problem with that is I'm left with a sub-par experience.  While it's never okay to be rude, double checking with the hostess or letting the cashier know he double-scanned those bananas in a kind tone will make everyone happier.

By the way, my friend had a great conversation with her makeup artist and looked positively stunning on her wedding day.

2.  Try New Things

I've been wearing a lot of red-toned eye shadows lately.  Whodathunk?  My husband has cut back on red meat (when we met, he was downing it five+ days a week), and I haven't had a manicure in over a year because I learned how to do my nails better than the salon.  Not everything I've tried works out, but at least I tried, and there's a peace of mind associated with taking those things and putting them behind me   - it's much easier than always wondering.

So try the crazy smokey eye.  Complement the crabby barista.  Ask your friend out for coffee even if there's a good chance she'll turn you down.  You never know.  And if you don't try, the answer will always be no.

Speaking of a crazy smokey eye, here's a fun, sparkly look:

3.  Less is More

Glamorous makeup aside, I've been transitioning into a more minimalist routine.  Now, I keep a carefully curated makeup bag stocked with just the basics so I can be on my way in five minutes or less.  Spoiler alert - one of the big changes coming next year is that we're moving.  As we start to purge our belongings, we realized that we don't use at least a third of our stuff.  It's the same way in makeup.  Even the leanest of bags I've helped to edit have at least two or three items that need thrown out or replaced.  So, in 2016, I encourage you to get rid of the things that no longer serve you - both in your makeup bag and in life - and treat yourself to the things that make you smile.

I truly hope you have a wonderful holiday season.  Please stay in touch with me @ElectraLane on your favorite social media site, and cheers to the new year!  See you in 2016!