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Many people I know don't do a smokey eye every day. In fact, many people I know don't even wear eye shadow every day, and many don't wear daily makeup beyond mascara. Then why does seemingly every makeup "tutorial" show you how to get dramatic makeup?

I'll be the first to say that even "natural" makeup that lasts more than an hour takes around 12 products, so I get it. But the YouTube video crowd doesn't seem to cater to normal people who don't own 27 eye shadow palettes. (this is a big part of why I created Electra Lane).  I can't argue with millions of devoted followers, though, so I won't try.

What I will do is present as many real-life makeup situations as I can.  Like this one: you own two eye shadows, a lighter shade and a darker shade (if you have four-shadow palette, check this out).  And you feel stuck doing the same thing over and over, but you don't want to buy more makeup.

Here's the solution: think of those shadows as your Little Black Dress or white Oxford.  With a few accessories, you can have four different eye shadow looks.

#1 - Classic

Take your lighter shadow and sweep it all over the eye, from lash line to brow bone, with a large, fluffy brush.  Then, with a smaller brush, tap the darker shadow all over the lid.  Finally, blend the top edge of the darker shadow with the fluffy brush.

#2 - Big Eyes

Start the same way as the classic eye, but place the darker shadow in the crease instead.  Don't forget to blend gently.

#3 - Simple Smokey

Line your top and bottom lash line with a dark eye liner and smudge (with your finger, a cotton swab, or a smudge brush).  Top that liner with your darker shadow using a small brush.  With a fluffy brush, blend the lighter color starting on the brow bone and down into the darker color.

#4 - Dramatic

Do "Big Eyes."  Take an even darker shadow shade or eye liner, and place lightly in a sideways V in the outer corner of the eye.  Gently blend inward, then repeat if you want more depth.

If you need a visual, check out this video:

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