Five Looks - The Work Appropriate


The second look to master, the Work Appropriate, is the look I get asked about most (you can find the first look here).  This application should happen on autopilot with one hand free to deal with everything that inevitably comes up while trying to get out the door, so I like to keep it simple while still making an impact.  The goal for this is to look pulled-together without trying too hard or needing more than a couple of touch-ups throughout the day. My go-to builds on The Minimalist: tinted foundation, concealer, cream blush, powder foundation, powder bronzer (used on the face and as eye shadow), brows, eye liner, mascara, and lipstick, then I set everything with a setting spray.  In my bag, I keep a travel-sized bottle of setting or refreshing spray, along with lip gloss, blotting papers, and concealer.  You can always go with a soft (or no) eye liner and a lip with a little punch, or focus on your eyes with a more intense liner and a natural lip, or go bold or neutral with both eyes and lips – this look is so easy to customize.