5 Minute Makeup


  Most people tell me they want to look natural, to do their everyday makeup in five minutes, and then show me a picture of Kim Kardashian as inspiration. I hate to break it to them, but that isn’t going to happen.

So I challenged myself – a thirty-minute makeup girl – to a look with some oomph that only took five minutes. Miracle of all miracles, I finished in less than two minutes. With the last three minutes, I’d add bronzer to the eye crease and sides of the nose with a thin brush, and around the perimeter of the face, under the cheek bones, and down the center of the neck with a medium-sized fluffy brush to give the features a little more definition (M.A.C. 286 and 116 shown).

16 seconds: smooth on tinted moisturizer with fingers

23 seconds: dot cream blush on cheeks and lips with finger tips

19 seconds: fill in brows

38 seconds: curl lashes and apply mascara

22 seconds: with finger tips, blend concealer under eyes and down the center of the nose

I always keep lip products in my bag, so I added some pink gloss on the way out the door.