True Beauty

The Meaning of True Beauty


So this post has very little to do with makeup. I realize this isn't going to change anyone's opinion, but I know I've benefitted from hearing this message over and over again, so hopefully you do, too. I've had so many conversations over the years, and it seems even more recently, concerning beauty.  The sad thing is, most of those conversations completely miss the point because the vast majority of beauty exists outside of the beauty industry.

These conversations include women in their 60s literally yelling and being angry at me for being younger than them, women calling those who've chosen to have plastic surgery (or even just fillers) "fakes," and others not feeling beautiful because they're not confident in their makeup skills.

Let's get something very clear.  Beauty has very little to do with what you look like.

Yes, makeup/having great skin/being in really good physical shape all help one feel beautiful (at least I feel that way), and I'll be the first to say I truly appreciate aesthetic beauty, aka what's on the outside.  But I can also say that I know DROP DEAD GORGEOUS men and women who are horrible people, and I don't want to be around them.

So there's a line.  And I think I've found it.  It's called civility.

Let's be civil to those who wear a full face of makeup as well as those who wear none.  Let's get to know the person whether or not she chooses to have a little nip/tuck or to Botox those lines instead of judging.  Or, if she looks scary, let's acknowledge that there are probably some deeper issues and maybe she just needs a friend.  And if someone has the discipline to eat healthy and work out to get the best body she possibly can, let's support her instead of saying she looks good the way she is - when in fact, we don't want her to look any better lest she look better than us.

That's not how true beauty works.  Our lights don't dim because someone's shines brighter.  We have to check ourselves by asking if the person is hurting anyone or doing something illegal and, if not, then maybe we're the problem.  Maybe we're insecure or jealous or whatever, and we must learn not to let our own personal biases make us act ugly.

Can we just be nice to each other?  Seriously.  I can't take so much negativity.  Do what makes you happy, and just be yourself.  If you don't know who that is, figure it out.  If you want a face lift, but worry about what your friends will think, you need you new friends.  And that's the key - look for those who lift you up instead of tear you down (unless you need to be put in your place because we all need a gut check every now and then!), and make sure that you, too, are being a lifter.

That's how you attain true beauty.

And blame the PR girl in me, but this commercial says it better than I ever could...



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