Surgery Survival Tips


Despite spending hours scouring the internet for practical tips to help with preparing for as well as the aftermath of my hip surgery, I didn't find much.  Maybe I'm vain, but I wanted to know what I needed to look and feel my best throughout this not-so-pretty process, so I hope my tips can help anyone about to embark on a surgery or hospital stay. {The sweet @TheSuperBeagles didn't leave my side}

The MOST important thing to have before surgery, after surgery, and during your time at this hospital is...

...your manners.

While this time is all about you, there will be lots of people doing lots of things for you - some of them gross - and saying "please" and "thank you" go a very, very long way. From the folks who check you in, to the nurses who get you to-and-from the bathroom, to whomever takes care of you during recovery, showing gratitude is a must. Even when you're thinking "But it's their job!" or "Someone has to do chore X because I physically can't!"  It really makes the ride so much more smooth.



Invest in a manicure, pedicure, waxing, hair color, massage, and any other beauty treatments you usually get.  Even if you're physically able to shave or do your own nails, you might not have the energy to.  Plus, it was nice to feel very pampered before an uncomfortable experience.


Even though I didn't leave the house for a week, I still wanted to look cute (look good, feel good!).  So my husband wouldn't have to figure out what clothes to give me, I made outfits-in-a-bag by putting undergarments, a comfy pair of pants, and a top in a gallon-sized zip-top bag.

{Comfy crutch grips and bagged outfits in the background}

Download a white noise app like Noisli to fend off the inevitable insomnia that strikes when post-op medications mess with your beauty sleep, and a 6-foot phone charging cord for when you're bored out of your mind and you want to Instagram-stalk your friends in bed.  Another great mind-release is writing in a journal!

I knew to deep-clean my house before surgery, but I followed a friend's advice and set up a cleaning service for the next few months afterwards.  By far, this was the best investment because it also took so much pressure off of my husband who was doing all of the chores for the first month.


I also knew to make some meals ahead of time, but I took it a step further and made a "snack bar."  Especially the first week, I wanted to eat only so I could take the necessary medications; I had pouches of nuts, bananas, granola bars, and yogurt ready to grab without any preparation.  And though ice water was my beverage of choice, La Croix fizzy waters were a lifesaver when my stomach wasn't feeling too great and I didn't want the sugar overload that accompanies the traditional ginger ale.

Since I had to keep ice on my hip, a warm, fuzzy blanket was an amazing companion.


Finally, I packed a small bag to take to the hospital even though it was outpatient surgery.  I added a water bottle and a banana, which I devoured as soon as I was in recovery since I hadn't eaten in over 12 hours; cough drops, because intubation makes the throat sore; and some primping items like lip balm, face moisturizer, body creme, a brush and hair ties, and mints.  These items are definitely not necessary, but they made me feel more human again.


This is the LAST surgery post (if for some reason you actually want to check out the first, click HERE).  I'm off crutches and my cane, killing it in physical therapy, and am beyond grateful that I'm beginning to feel like my old self again, but without the pain.  If you or someone is you know is facing surgery (or any kind of medical thing), here's a quote that's keeping me motivated (c/o @jaimiegoodwin on Insta):


Enjoy your week, and I can't wait to meet you back here to review a new product.  Don't forget to hang out with me on Intagram, Snapchat and Facebook @ElectraLane!