Interview Makeup

Screen Siren


A couple of weeks ago, we discussed tips for interview makeup, including how your look needs to be a little stronger for interviews via video chat. So what exactly does that mean? Makeup at key points - eyes, cheeks, lips - needs to be brighter and more opaque than what you'd wear on a normal day.  (For reference, instead of taking screen shots, I blasted light on my face to really wash out my skin, similar to what a camera does.) Every Day Makeup: Foundation, Concealer, Bronzer, Mascara, and Lip Gloss


If you don't already use an eye liner, help your eyes really show up on screen by adding a thin line to at least the top lash line.  If you're not a fan of liner, a dark, matte shadow applied at the roots of your lashes works just as well.  As a bonus, make sure to fill in your brows to really frame your eyes and create facial structure.

Before/After Eye Liner and Brows


Not a huge fan of blush myself, I have to admit that a little flush of color really does make you look more alive on a shadowy screen.  Keep it matte and bright - think a poppy or peach shade for lighter skin tones and a berry or hot pink for darker tones.  But don't go out and buy a blush.  Remember that too-bright lipstick you can't seem to toss?  Warm a little between your fingers and gently tap on the product for a natural glow, and just make sure it's not too sheer.

Before/After Blush


Even if you're not a lipstick person, a well-defined lip will go a long way.  Grab a lip pencil (my favorite, and under $5) that matches your natural lip color, trace the rim of your lips, then top with lip balm or lipstick, your choice.  Of course, you can always go for the luscious lip look, too.

Before/After Lips