Post-Sweat Hair Refresh


For the first time, I want to share a little love with one of my most favorite, and at the same most frustrating, topics: hair. After a million missteps and years of trial-and-error, I can hopefully save you some time by learning from my mistakes. Please note that I have zero formal training in hair, and know that my hair is fine but there's a lot of it, it's very straight, very flat, very heavy, and very slippery (meaning no texture). When you combine all of that with not wanting to wash and heat style your hair every day and an almost daily workout routine, you're just asking for a mess.

(Random note: today is the one-year anniversary of my hip surgery, so I'm super excited to share that I can even work out hard enough to get this sweaty! Yay!!)

After a run across the river and back the day after I spent forever washing and blowing out my hair, this is what my hair looked like (and yes, I'm aware that it looks like a mug shot!):

Frizzy, flat, and stringy.

Here's what I did:

Dry It

With the high speed/cold air setting, dry all the sweaty hair. Brush it out to make sure it's tangle-free and there's no moisture left.

Dry Shampoo

Be generous with the dry shampoo, focusing on the roots, to get rid of any goo and add lift. I love this one because it's available everywhere and is unscented.


I take it back to the old school and place plastic rollers just around the crown. On the low speed/low heat setting, I blast each roller just for a couple of seconds. If you're in a hurry, follow up with the cold air setting to lock in the lift. At this point, I like to let everything set while I do my makeup.


On the lowest heat setting, I take large chunks of hair and quickly slide my straightener over them. This just helps to smooth the flyaways as well as iron out any kinks from having my hair up during the workout. I repeat this with the hair in each roller, too.


Remember how I said my hair was flat? I like to sprinkle in some of this lightly scented powder to maintain body throughout the day.


I add a drop or two of dry oil to the ends of my hair to revive and condition.

Final Result:

Not as good as a fresh blowout, but it works for me. Here's the before/after:


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