Fall 2015

Trend: Skin is In

I say it all the time: better skin means better makeup.  Since the purpose of makeup is to enhance our natural features, the goal is to wear as little makeup as possible.  And this fall, it looks like the makeup trend is dewy, lush skin. The key to achieving this look is exfoliation and moisture, so get with a trusted professional if you need help creating a skin care routine.  Also, remember diet plays a huge role in how our skin behaves.

Since most of the country is still thawing out, the one product that helps when the weather is so dry my skin is literally peeling off is the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Mask, and I use it all year on any dry spots or just for a moisture boost.

Another product that isn’t necessarily skincare, but is good for your skin, is the RMS Living Luminizer.  It gives that ever-so-subtle highlight displayed on the Fall 2015 runways.  When my face has some color, I can get away with just this and sunscreen.