One Technique, Endless Opitons


I think makeup should be like cooking - you have a recipe and, while you can tweak the ingredients to your taste, you follow the recipe and you get basically the same results.

Today, I'm giving you the simplest makeup recipe that requires only three ingredients, but yields endless outcomes.

For this eye look, the ingredients are a medium eye shadow, a dark eye shadow, and an eyeliner. As far as tools, a fluffy crease/blending brush and eye shadow brush are all you need, but an angled or smudge brush helps, too.

Here are the steps:

  1. Blend the medium shadow into the crease
  2. Line the eyes on top and smudge the liner up towards the crease color, then add a little liner on the outer corner of the bottom lash line - smudge towards the inner corner
  3. Pat the darker shadow on top of the liner using the eye shadow brush (or your finger!) as well as under the bottom lash line
  4. Define the eyes by lining again but just the top lash line
  5. Blend the shadows around the edges with the blending brush to make sure there aren't any hard lines, then add mascara and/or faux lashes

That's it! Now it's up to you to get creative. Choose a mix of matte, metallic and/or sparkly shadows, and don't just stay with traditional, neutral eye shadow colors - experiment rosy tones, blues, greens or violets, just make sure the shades aren't super close together. Get even more adventurous by keeping your liner close to the lash line or wing it out like Amy Winehouse. It's up to you!

Here's a step-by-step tutorial for you to follow:

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