Do This One Thing for Big Impact


Back in the day, the only time I wore false lashes was when I was on stage with ballet or theater performances, or competing in pageants. I just couldn't get over the label of "fake" anything. Well I did get over it, and I really believe that lashes are one of the best makeup investments you can make. They're affordable, elevate your entire look to where you practically need no other makeup, and, with a little practice, are effortless to apply.


At just over $2 a pair, my favorite strip lashes are an incredible investment. Think about it - if you're someone who wears little or no makeup every day but you want to up your game for a special event, and you don't want to spend lots of money on a whole makeup wardrobe, lashes and a bold lip will make you look amazing for less than $10.

Pictured below are those strip lashes as well as my all-time favorite lash, the KISS clusters:


Last month, I did Maggie's makeup for an Inaugural Ball. She loves a red lip and was wearing a MAJOR dress, so we focused on the lashes by doubling up. A lengthening lash topped a full-fringe lash for lots of drama:

We kept her eye makeup very simple and added dimension with just bronzer so the focus would be on her gorgeous eyes and stunning lips:

My point is that with some lipstick and great lashes, you don't have to have a ton of time, money or skill to look like a million bucks.


I used to be so intimidated by lashes, but they're really not that scary. Here are three videos to show you how to apply your lashes, as well as customize them so they work for you:

 I hope you'll give lashes a try! As always, don't hesitate to reach out @ElectraLane on Instagram or Facebook with any questions. For a personalized makeup lesson, or just to ask all of your makeup questions, email me at to set up an appointment (online or in-person). See you next week!