Morning Skincare Routine


Good morning! I'm a morning person (who appreciates a good sleep-in every once in a while). But even if you relate more to my puppies Clark and Kent...

...a quick a.m. routine will wake up your skin and keep you looking fresh all day.

I think any solid, anti-ageing skincare routine includes masks, chemical and/or manual exfoliation, and following this basic pattern (day or night):




Eye Cream


Lip Balm

It also takes a lot of trial-and-error as well as giving your skin what it needs - which might be different seasonally, monthly (think: hormones), or even daily. I like to think of my array of serums, masks and treatments as a medicine cabinet - you don't need flu medicine for a headache, just like you wouldn't use a chemical peel on already irritated skin that needs some TLC.

Let me say, too, that the products that work for my skin might not work for yours. I've been at this for a long, long time (When I turned 10, the *exact* thought I had was, "Well, I've hit double digits. Better start taking care of my skin." Not joking.), and I know how my skin works and I can tell what "mood" it's in. What I'm here to share is 1. a great foundation upon which you can build your own routine, and 2. hopefully introduce you to some new products.

Next week I'll share my nighttime routine, but for now, please enjoy this #IWokeUpLikeThis moment!