How To Put On Makeup


In honor of my 100th post, I'd like to address the number one question I get as a makeup artist: "In what order should I put on my makeup?"

While this obviously differs for everyone based on what makeup you want to use, this is the basic flow I've adopted over the years that lets me get everything on my face quickly, and helps it stay there all day.

Step 1. Prep eyes and lips

Apply some lip balm and lid primer (or a thin layer of concealer). Optional: if you have dark under-eye circles like I do, I also like to apply a heavy duty concealer or color corrector just to the dark areas now.

Step 2. Skincare

It's always best to prep your skin with a moisturizer or primer to help the rest of your products go on smoothly.  If you're oily, there are plenty of primers that will keep your skin matte.

Step 3. Eyes

While your skincare soaks in, do all of your eye shadow, liner, and mascara.

Step 4. Foundation and cream products

Skip over to your foundation/tinted moisturizer/powder or mineral foundation.  If you don't use any of that, make sure you've applied sunscreen! This is also a good time to apply any other cream products like highlighter, blush, bronzer...if you have blemishes, cover them now, too,

Step 5. Setting Powder

Even though my skin is dry, I sweep on a very light layer of loose, translucent powder to set everything I've already done and prep my canvas any other powder products (blush, contour, bronzer, highligter...).  *TIP* Don't forget to dust a little powder over your brows, too, so any of the cream or liquid products applied earlier don't interfere with your brow products.

Step 6. Brows

Fill in and set your brows with your favorite products (currently loving this).

Step 7. Color

If you haven't applied cream versions yet, dust on powder blush/bronzer/highligher/contour now. *TIP* Add blush, then bronzer in the regular places including on top of blush to really make the blush pop and everything look blended.

Step 8. Concealer

As a final step, I like to apply a brightening concealer 1-2 shades lighter than my skin in the corners of my eyes, around my nose and mouth, on my lips (to make lipstick last longer), and anywhere else that needs some lift.

Step 9. Spritz #1 and lips

My top-secret tip (also mentioned in this video) for lasting makeup that looks like skin - spritz your face with a setting spray.  While it dries, put on all your lip products, then...

Step 10. Buff and spritz #2

Take a soft, fluffy brush and buff all of your makeup together (see the above video for a demo), then one more layer of setting spray.

Now that I have this pattern down, it takes me 10 minutes or less.  Give it a try, and let me know how it goes on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, all @ElectraLane.  Have a great weekend!