2016 Beauty Forecast


Not one for trends, I tend to veer towards the classics.  This year, though, I’m definitely on board with 2016’s big makeup trend - glowing-from-within skin.  Think: Jennifer Lopez. celebuzz.com

Her makeup artist, Mary Philips, creates an incandescent, never shiny, radiance that is always appropriate and looks just as good on film and photography as is does in person.  Disclaimer: I used to work with someone who worked with Ms. Lopez’s assistants, and JLo dropped an enormous amount of money on keeping her skin flawless.  I don’t blame her, I would, too!  That said, please don’t be too disappointed if your skin doesn’t turn out *quite* as luxurious as hers.

Another rock star in this category is makeup artist Natasha Denona.  She even has a “Glow Collection” to help you attain the most ethereal skin.


And it would be ridiculous not to mention Wayne Goss, who has preached and perfected luminous skin before it was cool.

So how can we normal folk get the glow (without looking like a flashbulb or the $$$ price tag)?  I’m so glad you asked.


You're building a house.  You've put down beautiful hardwood floors, but they need stained to reach their full potential (we’ve been rolling through Fixer Upper on Netflix, just stay with me).  Before you can stain them, though, you have to sand them so the stain can really get into the wood.  Likewise, your face is the floor and the stain is your moisturizer.

Both are really important, but if you don't gently exfoliate on the regular, even the best moisturizer can't get through gunky pores to do its job.  You can add a little sugar to your daily cleanser, use a manual device like the Clarisonic, or even a good, old washcloth.  Just make sure to gently exfoliate at least three times a week (more or less depending on skin's sensitivity), then repair and moisturize your skin with a suitable skin cream or oil.


Drink water and get your electrolytes and healthy fats!  The vast majority of my clients are dehydrated.  Though they're not walking around like a lost soul in the desert, their skin has a slightly scaly texture, it's dull, and their lips are chapped.

The magic amount of water is half your weight in ounces, so 75 ounces for a 150-pound person.  That's over two liters.  And if you drink caffeine, you're supposed to replace those ounces with water, too.  I know it sounds daunting, but just try to have some water with you at all times in case the urge strikes.

Something I just learned recently is that even though my water intake was good, it wasn't "sticking" because I wasn't getting enough electrolytes.  Also very helpful are the fats found in raw nuts, salmon and avocados.  I've made those regular diet staples, and I've definitely noticed a more "plump" quality to my skin.


Now that your skin is #IWokeUpLikeThis quality, you'll want to add in a creamy, dewy product either as your primer or into your foundation or tinted moisturizer.  My favorites are the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector, Giorgio Armani Beauty Fluid Sheer, and NYX Cosmetics Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator (only $7.50!).  Then, after your makeup is done, dot and blend a little more of the product on top of the cheek bones.


Especially in the cold weather months, radiant skin really perks up my look no matter what other makeup I’m wearing.  A Friday Flash will be coming up showing my glowing skin routine, so make sure to follow @ElectraLane on Facebook and Instagram to catch it.

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{Featured image c/o Brides.com}