Travel Hacks for Hacks


No one has ever called me spontaneous, and I'm OK with that.  So when we decided to take a last-minute trip for that involves flying (read: literally thousands of dollars), we decided to try Spirit Airlines because the fare was so reasonable. The catch? The cost of your ticket only includes an unassigned seat and the ability to carry on a small purse or book bag. Since I'll use the zip-and-ship method for my clothes, I only have room for a little makeup bag and my TSA-approved clear pouch.  SO, for my top three makeup/beauty packing tips you hopefully haven't seen yet, click the video below.

Tip #1 (2:05) - Take advantage of free samples and their packaging

Tip #2 (3:10) - Pack products that do double duty

Tip #3 (5:25) - Think outside the box when it comes to palettes

*Bonus Tip* at 6:40

If you have any other tips, please share them on Facebook or Instagram (@electralane) - I need all the help I can get.  Happy travels.