Nail It


When it comes to job interviews, one of the last things on your mind is makeup (unless you're applying for a job in the industry...).  Still, proper grooming is very important to your overall appearance - and we know what they say about first impressions. To feel confident on the outside, I follow these three steps:

1. Have a plan

Will your interview be in person or via video chat?  Does the office have a grooming policy?  What do you plan to wear?  In what makeup do you feel most comfortable?  All of these things need to be considered because video chat makeup is too heavy for an in-person meeting; it's a bad idea to show up in neon pink lipstick and glitter eye liner if natural makeup is required; you don't want a disconnect in your overall image; and most importantly, you don't want to do anything that will distract you from the task at hand.

2. Practice

If you're not super comfortable with a routine, I suggest practicing your look at least once before the interview.  If you want to really be prepared, take a second to write down the steps.  That way, when the day comes, you don't have to think about anything other than preparing your answer to "What's your greatest strength?"

3. Take a picture

...or a peek at yourself on the video screen to see exactly what your makeup will look like.  Different lighting and environments completely change the coloring of your makeup, so it's best to not be surprised.

Same makeup, different settings.

As fan of the show Shark Tank, I'll leave you with a quote from shark Daymond John:

Good grooming is integral and impeccable style is a must.  If you don't look the part, no one will want to give you time or money.

No, you shouldn't be offered or refused a job based on how you look; but there's no doubt that looking and feeling polished can take you far in both your career and in life.  If you want a little more help curating a go-to look, you have until Friday to schedule an appointment with Electra Lane at half price.

Go get 'em!