Party All Night


My idea of a great party includes my husband, some version of takeout, a good movie, and our beagles.  This past weekend, though, we celebrated the nuptials of dear friends, surrounded by more lifelong friends.  It was epic.  It was also filled with very long nights. We know that the better your skin is, the better makeup makeup will look, so dehydrated, puffy skin and dark circles aren't the best canvas for makeup that needs to stay on 12+ hours.  After years of trial and error, I've unlocked how to maintain party looks for the duration of the party.  Here are my top three tips:

1. Inside Out

We've talked about my past skin issues, so when I travel, especially on a road trip, I make sure to stock up on enough bottled water for around two liters a day and make sure to get green smoothies/fruit/veggies for breakfast and snacks.  That way, I can at least start the day on the right note - because the rest of the day tends to look like this:


2. Mask Up

Even if you have oily skin, a hydrating mask will cool and calm the skin so it will glow all day and night.  I prefer sheet masks because they're an affordable treat and don't require extra equipment.  Here, I used the Sephora Pomegranate mask and the Dr. Jart Water-Replenishing mask, both available at Sephora.

FullSizeRender (1)

3. Layer Light

"Less is more" truly applies here.  You want to use the lightest layers and fewest products as possible because, as the night rolls on, all the goo (sweat/humidity/skin oils) combines with the products, and fewer products mean a smaller chance for melting.  The first night, I had been wearing my every day makeup from 10am until 2:30am the next morning.


Before we headed out for dinner, I just took a blending brush (like my Wayne Goss brush) and buffed a little powder all over my skin, then re-applied a bit of concealer around my eyes. (And no, my cute husband isn't wearing makeup, he naturally has no lines or pores.  Feel free to barf.)  This photo was taken around midnight.

Two days later, I actually spent some time on my makeup.  Starting with the Dr. Jart mask which also acted as a primer, I warmed foundation on my hand and applied with my fingers, followed by a light dusting of powder.  Everything that followed was applied lightly but deliberately, and this is the last photo of the night after around 14 hours of wear:


Not naked, just wearing a strapless dress, by the way.

The point of a party is to have fun and not worry about your makeup, so I hope these tips help you become the life of the party instead of touching up your makeup in the bathroom.  And don't forget: if you want more information on how to achieve these looks, please take advantage of Electra Lane's birthday specials!