The Problem With YouTube


First, let me note that I love YouTube and that I exclusively watch YouTube makeup tutorials while I ride the elliptical.  However, I also believe that YouTube can be a soul-sucking black hole. While ellipticizing (?) to this Jaclyn Hill video, I began thinking along the lines, "I love those eye shadows but don't own any of them.  I especially love that one in the palette, so maybe I should just get that new palette..."


But this is what these types videos (mine included, sorry) can unintentionally do - make you think you need products to look and feel a certain way.  I initially tried to be generic, i.e. "use a pale pink blush," to describe what products I use, but that doesn't help in the long run.  Since the mission of Electra Lane is to teach you to be your own makeup artist, I'd like to share how I snap out of my I-need-new-makeup-now funk.

Step 1: Take a deep breath.

We don't NEED makeup.  Our faces are perfectly good naked.  When we WANT new makeup, it's important to ask why because it might have to do more with wanting to emulate the artist's features than how that particular product will look on us.  Also, take into account that these artists receive most of their products for free or in exchange for hawking them; and at the very least, working artists (like me) get their products at a significant discount.

Step 2: Assess your inventory.

So maybe you don't have nectar from the second Lorac Pro Palette.  What do you have that looks like it?  A blush!  Huzzah!  Think outside the box and remember that you can use non-designated makeup products - like an eye shadow as a cheek illuminator - in any capacity (one caveat: some products can't be used around the eyes so just double check).

Step 3: Hire Electra Lane.

Super shameless plug here.  The whole point of this business is to send you your own makeup tutorial, with your coloring, features, and budget in mind, as well as a one-on-one video chat with me so you can have all your questions answered.  If you'd like to get started, email me (

Remember: makeup is meant to be fun and make us feel good.  Next time you indulge in a YouTube marathon, keep it in perspective.

P.S. Here's how I recreated Jaclyn's eye makeup for an event:

image (7)


Instead of "nectar" I used NARS blush in Orgasm; instead of "toast" I used the reddish shade from the NARS Surabaya eye shadow duo; and instead of "uninterrupted" I used a bronzer.  Boom.