For Better or Worse

#QuickNEasy || Product Review


Sooo as a PR/Marketing person, I need to take a moment to say that maybe the whole campaign slogan,

"Are you a #QuickNEasy girl?"

has some...inappropriate...connotations, am I right? Like, I don't think I would have gone with that one. But that's the only negative I have about this line because it's awesome.

I love solution-based products, and the Quick 'N' Easy Makeup kits from Charlotte Tilbury are just that. For $75, you get 4-5 deluxe sample and full-sized products and a cute makeup bag. I'll give you a quick rundown of the kits, then share my take.

Natural Glow


The Natural Glow kit is the best value because you get five products, three of which are full-size. Add some concealer and brows, and this is a perfect everyday look for most skin tones.

Daytime Chic


Not really sure the purpose of this kit since it's basically the same tones as Natural Glow, but you don't get a lipstick (even though the beach stick is good for eyes/lips/cheeks), you only get two full-sized products (worth $67), and it's the same price. I'd say skip this one.

Red Carpet Party



Another three full-sized products, but no mascara. Still a decent value because the lipstick, lip liner and eye pencil are $76 on their own.

Smokey Eye Evening


With three full-sized products worth $81, this is the second-best value, and it's a great "desk to disco" kit, as Charlotte calls it.

My Thoughts

The true value of these kits is that they eliminate your need to think about what products to use, and the corresponding YouTube videos show you how to apply the products. These kits are a great intro to the line and, if you have some Christmas cash to burn, I would definitely take the Natural Glow kit. That said, while I adore Charlotte Tilbury products for the great ingredients and very high quality, you would still be in great shape viewing the videos and creating your own kits with products you already have.

Another option (that I own!) is the limited-edition Instant Look In a Palette. Also for $75, you get three eye shadows, two blushes, a bronzer and illuminator.


This is my go-to palette when I travel, and word on the street is she's coming out with more shades.


Head over to Facebook to let me know what other products you would like reviewed, and have a great week!


For Better or Worse: Belif Skincare


At last month's Sephora VIB sale, I picked up a couple of items that I instantly fell in love with. Since I wanted to make sure the sentiment lasted, I've been using these products daily and feel confident enough to deliver an unbiased review. I think I've found the best, budget-friendly skincare line - belif.  I know I've focused on skincare quite a bit lately, but the unofficial summer kickoff is coming in a few weeks, and we want great skin so we can skip the makeup.

The two products I have (and already love) are the Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist and The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb.

s1686294-main-hero s1686419-main-hero

The Better:

With the cleanser, I needed to replace my current product when I ran out since, even though it was my favorite cleanser up to that point, it contained all sorts of fragrance, dyes, and nasty chemicals.  The Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist is a deep-cleaning balm that you can feel working without making the skin feel tight after rinsing. A huge plus: you only need about two drops, so this bottle will last close to year even with daily use.

I also wanted a night cream to help seal in all the oils and treatments used in my nighttime routine, but I didn't want to double up on my uber-expensive La Mer (once a day is all I can afford at this stage in life!).  After some research, I purchased this gel-like cream, and it does a perfect job.

The Worse:

This is super nit-picky, but I wish the lid of the cleanser was a flip-top instead of a screw gets a bit cumbersome in the shower.  With the moisturizer, it definitely sits on top of the skin.  That's why I specifically wanted this formula, but some folks might really dislike it.  When this jar runs out, I'd like to try another version just for fun.

The Verdict:

With something for every skin type and a very affordable price tag for the amount of product as well as the amazing ingredients, I highly recommend not only these products, but also the entire line.

For a last-minute Mother's Day gift, Sephora has some nice belif gift sets!


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For Better or Worse: Chanel Yeux Stylo Waterproof Eyeliner


This liner has been so highly suggested that when I was in the market for a new eggplant-hued one, I finally decided to give it a try.

The Better:

I love the color, the application is smooth, and, blame marketing, but I do feel fancy busting out the one and only Chanel product I own.

The Worse:

Basically everything else. First of all, this this was $33. Shocking. I figured that because it was so highly recommended AND it was labeled "long-lasting" I would get more for my money. Nope. I have to apply about three layers to achieve non-sheer results. And, worst of all, the pigment disappears throughout the day.

{Flaky and fading}

Although it doesn't slide around, I almost would rather it did because, instead of being nonexistent, at least it would look a little smokey. Frankly, I get better results from the Maybelline Lasting Drama liner.

FullSizeRender (3)

Here, I applied one swipe of the Maybelline and went back and forth three times with the Chanel, let it dry, then rubbed over the lines:


FullSizeRender (1)



The Verdict:

Skip it.

For Better or Worse: Farmacy Soothing Sheet Mask


When it comes to at-home face masks, I believe the best formula is to spot-treat.  For example, eye patches for under-eye puffiness and hydration, a clay mask on the T-zone, and a hydrating mask everywhere else. But that's the dream (well, the dream is to have a standing appointment at the Spa de La Mer in NYC...), and in reality, I'm lucky to have the time/discipline/patience to do a weekly mask at all.  Enter: the sheet mask.

If you haven't already, you must try a sheet mask because it is an easy delivery system for potent, healing ingredients  - Sephora has their own, reasonably-priced brand that is great for first-timers.  You can find a sheet mask for any issue, and as a bonus, there's almost always enough left-over product in the mask's packaging that you can use it as a serum.

So recently, I tried the Farmacy Hydrating Coconut Gel sheet mask in the "soothing" variety, purchased here.


It's $24 for three masks, and there are several additional varieties including Oil-Control and Anti-Wrinkle.

The Better:

This really did soothe my itchy winter skin, so points for that.  Also, there was an incredible amount of the serum left within the packet.  I had enough to smooth not only on my face, but also on my entire body.  After about 30 minutes, my skin was more plump and glowing without feeling slick, and I was pleasantly surprised that my skin was still hydrated the next morning.


The Worse:

While it was a lovely mask, and the ingredients are top-notch, I get better results from a slightly less-expensive mask (this one).  Also, the packaging is confusing.  The mask sits between a blue film and a paper-like sheet.  The directions instruct me to remove the blue side, but not the other, so I left it on.  When I posted the above photo on Instagram (@ElectraLane), Farmacy actually reached out to let me know I needed to remove the paper layer.  Awkward.

The Verdict:

This is a great mask.  If you're willing to spend $8/mask, go for it.  I probably will not repurchase because I already have favorite premium-ingredient sheet masks (La Mer and SK-II), and as stated before, I get even better results from a cheaper version.

One Palette Three Ways ~ Halo


Eye shadow palettes are like candy. They're so pretty that I never seem to know which one to choose - and too many can't be good. If you're new to makeup and aren't yet sure of your style, a palette is an economical way to try many different options...but most of us tend to only use two or three favorite shades. Since I was off last week, this month's For Better or Worse can quickly be summed up with this: the worst palette is the one you never use, and the best one is the on you use almost daily!  I reach for either my custom palette or one of my Urban Decay Naked palettes most often.

Using my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, I'll show you how to take the guesswork out of using eye shadow palettes over the next few weeks.  Today,  you'll discover how to do what I'll call a "halo" shadow look (because the darker shadow forms a circle around your eye).


Prep lids


I used a little concealer and a light dusting of translucent powder

Apply a wash of color with a paddle brush


Using the larger end of Stila brush #15, I applied Liar (a dusky lavender with a little sheen) all over the lid and crease.

Sweep a darker shade on the top and bottom lash lines with a pencil brush



After using Darkside, I went back and blended with my finger.


Finish with eyeliner (MAC Smolder) and mascara (NARS Audacious)



That's it!  Seriously.  It's that simple.  But if you do have questions, here's a video...

...and you can always snap me on Snapchat (user = ElectraLane).

See you next week when we do a dramatic look!

P.S. The queen of this look is Cara from Maskcara - you need to check out her Makeover Mondays.