Things That Make Life Easier: Office Edition

With my recent return to the corporate world, my sweet husband worked with me to streamline our lives as much as possible. Below are a few items and hacks that have made this a smooth transition. It's nothing glamorous, but I can't begin to say how helpful this list has become. 


Since it's just not possible to spend time and energy blow drying my hair every time I wash it, I'll wash my hair at night, let it air dry a little, then put some mouse in the crown, then wrap that hair around some rollers. I take them out before bed, and the air-dried hair with mousse is a little crunchy. The next morning, I follow the same steps in my "Keeping Your Blowout Fresh" routine, and I'm extremely happy with the results.

Yeti Tumbler

I resisted this purchase for a long time, but I'm so happy with my Yeti Tumbler. When I sip my Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast, it takes a few hours to finish, and this is not a beverage you want going cold. On the flipside, if you do want your iced coffee to stay iced, the Yeti will do that, too.

Go-To Morning Routine

This was the biggest hurdle for me. For the past seven years, I've largely had the luxury of getting my husband out the door, working out and walking the dogs before I have to get cleaned up and start my work day. Now, I've had to reduce my normal 17-minute makeup routine to 10 minutes (or less) and wake up 25 minutes earlier to squeeze in my workout (while husband walks The Super Beagles). Find whatever works for you so you start he day ready to slay. 

Nighttime Prep

I hate this one. It takes tons of discipline but makes the next morning so much better. While cleaning up after dinner, we fill up our water bottles, pack our lunches, and I pick out my outfit for the next day down to the undergarments and jewelry. It frees up so much brain power the next day, and there are no unwelcome surprises. 


While I get hangry, I also hate to snack. So, in case I have to skip lunch or just wasn't hungry at breakfast, I keep a stash of raw almonds and Bulletproof Coffee mix in my desk. 

Survival Kit

I keep a pouch in my desk with the following:

  • face mist

  • gum and mints

  • face blotting sheets

  • bandaids

  • nail file

  • tampons

  • deodorant

  • hand sanitizer

  • eye drops

  • hair spray

  • lip balm

  • hair bands and pins

  • hand cream

  • comb

  • packets of face moisturizer and witch hazel wipes

Overkill? Maybe. But if you need any of those things and don't have them, it can be rough.

And so...

While this isn't a ground-breaking list, taking time to make sure my life is in order reduces stress and, when inevitable craziness pops up, those unpleasant surprises can be handled. Thanks for stopping by! -JY