Galentine's Day 2018

One of my favorite holidays is Valentine's Day, and not just because I'm very much in love with and attracted to my smokin' hot husband of nearly 11 years. I loved this day of love even when I hadn't had a date in months because there is so much in life to celebrate. If romantic love isn't your thing, think about it as a day of gratitude!

Very grateful for Kent Beagle, one half of  The Super Beagles

Very grateful for Kent Beagle, one half of The Super Beagles

It's also a time to celebrate those in your life who make it better. This year, I was thrilled to hang out with my husband's cousins who might as well be my own family. 

Me, Morgan and Cody at the ballet!

Me, Morgan and Cody at the ballet!

We spent the afternoon at The Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. taking in The Washington Ballet's version of Romeo and Juliet. It was incredible! The venue, the dancers, the set, the costumes - it was everything. 

The Kennedy Center Opera House

The Kennedy Center Opera House

For my hair/makeup/outfit, I kept everything simple but added a few dramatic touches. I wore a basic black jumpsuit (fashion is not my forte!), and added some long faux lashes


Don't wait for Valentine's to spend time with those you love, go to the ballet, or get a little dressed up. Life is too short and too precious! At the same time, take advantage of the moments in between the Instagram-worthy photos. For example, my husband and I celebrate Valentine's every year with pizza and champagne. 


But the day we went to the ballet, the weather turned crazy while the performance took place and, instead of me taking an Uber home, my sweet husband drove in the ice and snow to bring me home safely. That's love. 

Okay, back to makeup! If you're interested in how I did the smokey eye for this occasion, I recorded a little video:

Thanks for stopping by! -JY