The Results: No-Spend January

No Spend Jan

When it comes to numbers, and specifically budgeting, my husband and I couldn't be more opposite. In his mind's eye, he can see the big picture whereas I need bite-sized chunks. So, when I told him my January goal was to purchase no new makeup or skincare all month, with the bigger goal to not buy anything from from Sephora until their spring sale, this was his response: 

I'm happy to report that I've kept my word and, to my surprise, it was quite an enlightening experience. Here's what I learned:

1. It's fun to shop your stash

Even though I recently cleaned out my makeup, taking away the ability to just buy something new forced me to create what I wanted. I found new uses for some products and fell in love again with others. For ideas, see how I used a four-shadow eye palette by scrolling through my instagram (@ElectraLane). Small purchases really add up, so I actively felt like I was achieving my goal every time I reached for a well-loved product (hooray for instant gratification). 

2. It's okay to skip the latest launch

Unless something is ultra limited (and, really, what is?), I've put new makeup and skincare launches on a list in my phone instead of being caught up in the hype. This let me reevaluate what I already have in my possession as well as give me time to think about whether or not I truly wanted the item.

3. It's fun to challenge yourself

I was worried I'd feel deprived, but it was quite the opposite - I felt empowered. Perhaps a big part of this is that I am fully stocked from the fall Sephora sale and Christmas so I truly don't need anything. If you are feeling left out, know that planning ahead makes a big difference. 

4. It's SO fun to be free

Money issues can cause a tremendous amount of stress, and, as well all know very well by now, stress is terrible for your mind and body. I was not anticipating feeling like such a badass for not only accomplishing my January goal, but also because halfway through the month - halfway! - my husband pointed out how well we were doing with our budget. *Does happy dance*

And so...

Don't be scared to save. Putting small, actionable ways to reach your goal is incredibly helpful, and, frankly, it comes down to what you want more: yet another nude lip gloss or that dream vacation to Malta. 

Thank you kindly for stopping by!