Products to Enhance Your Signature Look || Signature Look Series

We won't discuss brand-specific products today, only because everyone's needs are different. Instead, we'll go over the basic products you'll need to create your signature look


Whether you opt for full coverage foundation or a thin layer of tinted moisturizer (which is NOT a moisturizer, btw - it's makeup, not skincare!), a layer of something will even out skin and help the other makeup products last. And a quick PSA: wear sunscreen. Typically I'll use a product with sunscreen built right in, but you could just add a layer over your moisturizer. 


There's a range of products to set your makeup: the lightest being a setting spray (discussed below) to baking. Whatever you choose, I suggest using something to extend the life of your makeup.


I'm a huge fan of concealer, it's pure magic. Grab (at least...) one concealer for under your eyes that's a little lighter than your skin, then an exact match for your skin to cover blemishes and discoloration.


Bronzer and/or Blush

Bronzer adds warmth and blush adds life to your face, but if I'm crunched for time I choose bronzer. Either way, these are staples for me, whether in cream or powder form, because they can be used all over the face. 


You've probably heard this before, but if your face is like a painting, your eyebrows are the frame. If you have prefect brows, congrats, and use a little brow gel to groom them.

You can draw on brows if you have none, fill in any gaps, or completely change the shape. No matter what, I'd suggest going a shade lighter with your brow product than your actual brow hair because they can quickly become too dark (I'll do a whole post dedicated to brows soon!). 

Dark Eye Shadow and/or Liner

I'm sure you've also heard that eyes are the windows to the soul - so make sure they show up. Even if you're not a fan of dark eye liner, I can't tell you the positive difference it makes when you add even a thin line of shadow around the eyes. Liner also makes lashes look thicker, and you can smudge liner or shadow into a quick smokey eye for date night.


Even if you wear nothing else, a couple of coats of mascara can really brighten up your face. If you're not comfortable with black, there's brown and even clear mascara. I love a good curl first (and, as long as they're dry, after), then several lashings of super black mascara. 



Tinted lip balm, a fiery red lip, or a swipe of shiny gloss - it's up to you, but hydrated lips look youthful and healthy. 


This is optional, but I encourage highlight. It's an amorphous term, but highlight can refer to an area that's lighter than the rest of the face, or disco ball shimmer - you can even tap a little lip balm or clear gloss on the high points of your cheeks for a subtle effect. 


Another optional item, but I'm a huge fan of a good face spray (or several). You can use them not only as the final step in your routine to set your makeup, but also throughout the day to refresh your makeup. And, it just feels nice.


And so...

For this final step in finding your signature look, I'd suggest thinking about the products you need to achieve it then editing your makeup bag. Less clutter means you'll be able to grab what you need when you need it, and you can always add fun, novelty items for special occasions.

You might notice I left eye shadow off of the list, and this is because I know many people who don't wear it as a part of their signature look (remember, we're defining a signature look as the one you wear most often). Shoud you wear eye shadow all the time, this is where an eye shadow palette comes in handy so you have your basic shades as well as some fun ones. 

Remember that makeup is supposed to be fun, and there are no rules! You change, so will your signature look. Always remember you can email me with questions or set up a makeup lesson (even virtually). Experiment, play, and enjoy!