Meghan Markle's Wedding Makeup + Tutorial

In one month, we'll have another royal wedding. I. Am. Pumped. This is me during Will and Kate's nuptials:

Royal Wedding

My pajamas are bridal princesses, and not pictured is the traditional tea (like, not just the beverage, but the act). This wedding will be super interesting because the Prince is marrying an American.


But it's also incredibly historic because, had his predecessors been allowed to do what he's doing, he wouldn't even be in the position he's in (just watch The Crown). 

via Business Insider

via Business Insider

I know  most people get amped for the dress, but the makeup most excites me. (Don't get it twisted - I jumped up and down screaming "IT'S McQUEEN! IT'S McQUEEEEEEEN!" the second I saw Kate's dress.) Especially with a celebrity like Meghan, who often has red carpet makeup done, it's always so interesting to see what direction she takes with a wedding makeup look. 

I'm also predicting a natural look because I've found that my brides who are models, pageant girls, etc - those who often wear special occasion makeup - want to look more like themselves, while those who put more pressure on this one day to be a "princess" tend to want a bolder look. Since Meghan goes glam on the regular, I think she'll go ethereal for her big day.

Using THIS video as a guide, I've created my own video showcasing what I think Meghan will choose as her wedding look:

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