How To Find Your Signature Look || Signature Look Series

Last week, I offered three questions to help you define your signature look (find them HERE). My answers are as follows:

1. I wear makeup every day, so I need three versions of the same look - an everyday, an office/date night, and a special occasion - so I basically keep my skin routine the same and change up my eyes

2. My favorite photos are ones with my husband when we're on a date, so I'm usually rocking a smokey eye and nude, glossy lip

3. My favorite looks emphasize my eyes

Now, armed with this information, let's figure out how it influences your makeup: 

First, we'll focus on when you're wearing makeup most often, so for an example let's assume that's to work at an office Monday-Friday. This means you probably don't have a ton of time in the morning to get ready, so you'll need a streamlined, efficient look that is polished and professional and lasts 8-10 hours with minimal touch-ups. 

Next, after scrolling through you Instagram feed, you notice that your favorite shots are all from girls' night out when you're bronzed and sporting a red lip. 

Finally, out of all the makeup you see, your favorite looks emphasize your amazing smile and naturally full lips. 

SO...your signature look is clean skin and a bold lip. Boom.  

This means that after you go through your morning skincare routine, you'd apply some light foundation, a little lush or bronzer for dimension, brows, mascara, maybe a little concealer, and a red liquid lip. Tweak this to what fits your lifestyle, and use this as your "little black dress." You can dress it up or pare it down, but this is what you should stick to for maximum happiness and enjoyment.

No matter what your situation, work through the three questions above and you'll be on your way to discovering and perfecting your own signature look. Also, you can always set up an appointment with me if you have questions, just contact me. Next week, I share some of the products I've incorporated into my personal, signature look for years because they've stood the test of time. 

Thanks kindly for stopping by!