COF Makeup Routine ||| I Tried It

Welcome to 2019, and welcome to my first post in a new series called “I Tried It.”

To me, makeup is like a recipe. When I try a new recipe for the first time, I follow it exactly; but by the second time, I’m already tweaking the recipe until I find my favorite mix of ingredients (unless it’s an Ina Garten recipe because she’s perfect).

So when I see a look I like, I try it, but then usually forget what I did before I get the chance to revisit it. This series, then, is basically a category of makeup recipes.

Please note - this isn’t me criticizing someone else’s work!!! I’m obviously attracted to the makeup, but sometimes it just doesn’t work for me. This is a learning exercise, and that’s usually an iterative process.

For this look, I’ve tried this wedding guest makeup by blogger Katey McFarlan Hellman of Chronicles of Frivolity.

COF Look 1

Initial thoughts: not a fan on me. Obviously, Katey looks amazing, but we have different coloring so this isn’t the best look for me.

What I like: When the photo is taken farther away, this gives some nice definition to the eyes; I love the OG Naked palette, and I hadn’t tried this color combo yet. I also forgot I had this lipstick, and I really like it.

What I don’t like: For me, this look is too “done.” It’ reminds me of something I’d wear on stage when I competed in pageants - which isn’t a bad thing - I just feel like people are going to see my makeup before they see me. Also, not a fan of cool tones in my crease because it makes me look sick.

Any major substitutions: since I want to use the makeup I already have, I made some substitutions. I followed the eyes with the same colors, but instead of her lid topper, I simply used Half Baked from the palette on a wet brush. Also, I didn’t have her blush, so I used another warm-toned blush called Bumpy Ride by Nars.

COF Look 2

Final Verdict: Glad I finally tried this, but the look isn’t for me - I think it’s the Darkhorse in the crease - it’s too cool for me and makes my skin look sallow. What I will take away is that it’s okay to use a much darker shade in the crease that what I’m used to.

Continue to Be Your Own Makeup Artist this year, and feel free to CONTACT ME here on @ElectraLane on Instagram if you find a look you’d like for me to try! #byomua