How to Look Bright-Eyed

Everyone who's ever been in my makeup chair wants to look awake, fresh, and bright-eyed - in other words, get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes. Of course, a lot of that has to do with lifestyle choices, but there are a few tricks that can (mostly) erase the zombie effect. 

Many Thin Layers of Concealer

On a typical day, I use three under eye concealers because this is the situation without them:


So, I use a corrector to cancel the bluish/purple:

Corrector on left, nothing on the right

Corrector on left, nothing on the right

A thicker concealer:

Corrector and concealer on left, just corrector on right

Corrector and concealer on left, just corrector on right

And a thinner concealer to brighten and "set" everything (instead of a powder):

I'm alive!

I'm alive!

It's imperative to use as little product as possible, and to tap and press each layer into the skin. 





Under Eye Masks

These little masks tighten, brighten and hydrate the most delicate part of your face and, if you use them while applying eye makeup, act as a shield from shadow fallout. just rounded up their favorites HERE

Since they can be expensive, I'm looking into the best DIY versions - please comment if you have any ides!




Gentle Massage

Facial massage is nothing new, although it is becoming more mainstream. Whether you do this manually or with a tool (like a jade roller), the de-puffing benefits are instant. Over time, they absolutely make a difference. Here's my favorite:

And so...

We know that diet, lack of sleep, dehydration, allergies and genetics can all cause dark circles, but when you know a few tricks, you can fake it. I've compiled my favorite concealers below minus the corrector - more on that soon.

Thank you kindly for stopping by!